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CENTER FOR PEACE, UNITY, & YOGA™ - Ommm Yoga Center™
A Non-Profit Yoga Initiative


Center For Peace, Unity, & Yoga: Ommm Yoga Center

Ommm Yoga Center is an outreach by Bliss Within Reach. With a unique approach to Yoga, Meditation, Kriya, Flexibility, and many other aspects of Spirituality, Royal Shri Maha Rudraji is sharing the divine wisdom as guided by the  .

Yoga never was intended to have many flavors/types. Through many generations the originality of Yoga has been lost due to these manipulations in the sense that the true merger with Divine Consciousness and realization with the Divine is not that apparent. People have to work extra hard to achieve purity and enjoy the true benefits of Yoga. Hence, The Divine instructed Royal Shri Maha Rudraji to create the purest Yoga system as it was intended From The Divine, known as the Ommm Yogic System.

Royal Shri Maha Rudraji is also known as The Rudra Healer, as he has been given a unique approach to harness healing energies beyond the Milky Way right from the Supreme Divine Source (divine ocean). This approach is defined as “Rudra Healing” which is shared with others through the Rudra Healing Divine Center.


Our mission is to create peaceful and joyful souls with the power of Yoga and guide them toward their highest good.


Part of our earnings will be gifted to a local charity trust.


Our team is proud to uplift lives with ancient Yogic practices.