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CENTER FOR PEACE, UNITY, & YOGA™ - Ommm Yoga Center™
A Non-Profit Yoga Initiative

Ommm Revolution

What is Ommm Revolution?

Ommm Revolution is a faster way to adapt, learn and grow through the ancient Yogic system.

We would like to inspire yoga aspirants to focus on the core and basics, so that they can bear the Divine fruits of liberation and salvation that is meant to be achieved from ancient Yoga, apart from having a slim, vibrant and healthy body, which is merely by-products of Yoga.

This is ONLY for aspirants who consciously want to achieve Serenity, Vibrational articulation, Blissfulness and Liberation.

If you simply believe in the unspiritual life, then we cannot inspire you until you give your soul a chance to be Divine!


What is Ommm Revolution’s Vision?

Our vision is to Light the candles of Unconditional Peace, Joy, and Absolute Bliss by uniting all Yoga aspirants world wide.

Why Ommm Revolution?

We would like to inspire your being to be Peaceful, Humble, Stress Free, Focused, Energized, Blissful, Well, and Prosperous.