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CENTER FOR PEACE, UNITY, & YOGA™ - Ommm Yoga Center™
A Non-Profit Yoga Initiative


What does Yoga mean to you? Most people associate the word with difficult poses that seem unnatural for any human to be able to perform. We make up many excuses as to why we shouldn’t try Yoga, usually instigated by our Ego. In essence, Yoga is a lifestyle, a way of being. It is more than just exercise movements. It is a philosophy that guides you on how to live so that your existence is most divine. The Divine has gifted Rudraji with the knowledge of how Yoga was meant to be implemented in this human life, in a way that is current and relevant to how our society lives today. No more questions about what is right or wrong, only a clear, straightforward system given by The Divine. Our Yoga course is a complete system to live by so that you can feel good about your current Life’s Journey.

Are you ready to feel good for the rest of your life?

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