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A Non-Profit Yoga Initiative

Volunteer Application


For not-for-profit oriented organizations you reserve the right to volunteer solely at your own discretion with filling a separate volunteer application. In addition, you could inquire for roles or positions designated with modest compensation.


We (the organization/charity) reserve the right to perform background checks at any time we deem it necessary to do so.Have you ever been convicted (found guilty) of a crime (including probation(s) before judgement), or are there any pending criminal charges awaiting a hearing?
If you answered yes, please describe all convictions, when they occurred, the facts and circumstances involved, and any information pertaining to rehabilitation.
You may attach additional pages if necessary.


List two people other than relatives who would be willing to serve as a personal reference:

Volunteer Agreement

, hereinafter referred to as “volunteer.”


Whereas, volunteer intends to donate services to the charity identified above, and said charity intends to accept the donation of volunteer services. NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises, the parties hereto agree as Follows:

(attach sheets, if necessary)
  • 2. It is mutually and expressly understood that volunteer services shall be donated, and that said volunteer is not entitled to nor expects any present or future salary, wages, or other benefits for these voluntary services.
  • 3. Volunteer agrees to follow the supervision and direction of any personnel, employee, or volunteer, to whom volunteer has been assigned to perform services, and to participate in any training required by the charity in order to perform the voluntary services.
  • 4. Volunteer agrees that he/she will not be considered to be an employee of the charity, for any purposes other than tort claims and injury compensation, while performing the above described voluntary services.
  • 5. Volunteer further understands that if volunteer is responsible for injuries to third parties or damages to their property while acting outside the scope of assigned volunteer duties, that said volunteer may be held personally liable for any monetary damages a court may award to the injured party.
  • 6. It is further understood and agreed to by volunteer that the services rendered to the charity shall apply only in the case of liability arising out of the ordinary negligence that occurs during the scope of the volunteer’s services agreed to herein, and that in no way do any of these provisions apply for the benefit of volunteer, his/her heirs, executors or administrators in any action arising out of gross negligence, willful misconduct, or any other conduct on the part of said volunteer, which cause or may give rise to criminal liability.
  • 7. Volunteer further agrees that volunteer will fully cooperate with the charity and its agents in any investigation, lawsuit, arbitration, or any other legal or quasi-legal proceedings that arise from the matters covered by this agreement.
  • 8. Volunteer further agrees to notify the charity immediately of any incident that occurs or may occur within the knowledge of the volunteer, which gives rise to liability on the part of the volunteer of the charity.
providing volunteer services. I also understand that my volunteer assignment may be terminated at any time by either party to this agreement.


  • All tasks and communications will be performed with
  • All tasks and communications will be performed with Integrity.
  • All tasks and communications will be performed with Unconditional Care.
  • Any form of negativity, misbehavior or ill-treatment will not be tolerated at any time.
  • Please do not touch or try to touch (i.e.: shaking hands, hugging, touching shoulder, etc.) the Founder of the organization. He has been chosen to maintain Divine Energy within his physical body, so his body needs to be handled appropriately at all times. He has respect in his heart for everyone, but certain precautions need to be put in place for his safety and yours. If you want to gain his attention please use your voice and/or presence appropriately. One of the appropriate greeting for him would be to say “Namaste” and if you choose you can put your hands together in front of your heart chakra in a gesture of respect.

You may be required to sign the Confidentiality Agreement in addition to this Volunteer agreement.